The 2008 Edition of the Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival will focus on the purely musical aspect of the event as well asd its creative and artistic profile.

The Villa of Culture opens its doors for its fifteenth edition and continues with its character of cultural challenge aimed at offering a range of visual arts in general.

In addition forms of eclectic artistic activity will be of particular importance. These will follow A thematic or interdisciplinary approach.

The gardens of the Villa will come to life with the presence of exhibitions of photographs, sculpture, the projection of films and theatrical events.

The creator of the design is Gianluca Ignazzi, winner of the IED competition for the best image for Villa Celimontana 2008.

IED (European Institute of Design)
For the past 30 years the IED (European Institute of Design) has occupied itself with training and research programs in design, fashion, the visual arts and communication studies. Today it is an international network, which continues to expand which offers 3-year post laureate courses, refresher courses and permanent training courses, as well as advanced training courses and Masters courses.

Of the most important stages in the history of the organization was the opening of IED in Milan (1966), Rome(1973), Turin (1989), Madrid (1994), Barcelona (2002) and San Paolo in Brazil (2005). Since 1996 IED has developed its own innovative and diverse methods of teaching, based on a mixture of technology and experimentation, creativity, strategy and integrated communication, commercial aspects and a new sense of professionalism.

The basis of the European Institute of Design is in fact, to give young Design, Fashion and Communication graduates the knowledge and the useful resources to respond to the demands of the job market which are continually evolving; A Culture of making projects and communication that will serve students for the rest of their lives. In keeping with their international vocation, the European Institute welcomes students of every nationality and culture.

Every year the IED takes on 1000 foreign students. IED Fashion Lab, IED Design, IED Visual Arts and IED Communication make up the “IED System that responds to the demands of the professional worlds, through all possible methods of teaching, unified by the common purpose of the IED project.

Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival will promote the first edition of a competition of satirical comics about the wonderful world of jazz.

The application form will be available from the // to the / / .

The theme of the competition is “Jazz”.